Vitamin See

You’ve likely never heard of Vitamin See and while it is not an actual vitamin, it is essential to our well being. Vitamin See is our basic human need to be seen and loved.

I discovered Vitamin See after I went deficient. I was a new mother in a newish city living in a new neighborhood and thus I lacked deep relationships to call upon. As my husband worked and I cared for our baby, I gradually felt myself wilting like a plant lacking proper care.

Since I had no idea that Vitamin See was even a thing, I had no idea it was missing and thus no idea how to restore it. Almost 18 months into new motherhood and significantly depleted, I decided to attend a divine feminine program with the hope that it would improve my droopy disposition. To my surprise the course delivered high doses of Vitamin See and by the end of the first weekend I felt back to my normal self…and I was amazed.

Vitamin See is a no-brainer for babies and children. They demand it and we pour it on, creating an obvious positive outcome. Then, as we become rational hardworking adults, our continued need for Vitamin See gets pushed underground.

Though we ideally get Vitamin See from our significant relationships, depending on others, can be hit or miss, especially during this time of social distancing. Since being seen is critical emotional nourishment, developing the ability to see yourself will keep your reserves full.

Here are my three favorite ways to see myself:

1. Take written inventory of the many things you are proud of. List your many gifts, talents, strengths, and capabilities. Affirm the many decisions that brought you to this very moment. Let yourself bask in these truths.

2. Experience the Immeasurable Love audio-meditation. Designed to give a body-based experience of unconditional-love, this audio-meditation soaks participants in Vitamin See.

3. Finally, if you are struggling emotionally, this writing exercise sees and clears negative energy.

So check it out. Research how life feels when you prioritize Vitamin See. Investigate how it affects your mood, your confidence, your relationships, and your overall sense of peace and well-being.

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