The Future Is Forgiveness

In these uncertain times it’s imperative to remember that a new paradigm is being born…and birth is inherently messy and scary.

Punitive, competitive, and vindictive psychologies are on their way out, while collaborative, compassionate, and creative psychologies are on their way in.

One key tool that is midwifing the new paradigm, and giving it deep and lasting roots, is the ancient spiritual practice of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a spiritual experience that heals emotions. Since unresolved fear, anger, resentment, shame, and guilt, are always at the foundation of oppressive systems, forgiveness is not only personally beneficial, but essential to societal change.

So if you suffer from bouts of fear and hopelessness, do your best to remember a new paradigm is on its way. Remember that the chaos will give way to a better world. And remember that emotional health is key.

The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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