Worth Repeating

My thirties were spent in Seattle and were marked with significant highs and lows. One consistency throughout this time was a handful of friendships with women 10-30 years my senior. During these tumultuous years these women would all whisper some version of this message: “Do your inner work.”

After hearing “Do your inner work” for years, I eventually arrived to a point in my life where there was nowhere to go but inside. The only way I was going to feel the peace and freedom I longed for was to do my inner work. I went for it, it worked, and today my inner work is a priority.

Though I no longer live in Seattle, as I reflect on that time I now see the consistent whisperings of those amazing women set the stage. Did I enjoy hearing the message? No…but I never thought they were wrong and in the end it was clear that their words’ paved the path.

Today I’m one of these women. I remind others to do their inner work.¬†Since our inner health is valuable-beyond-valuable, it’s a message worth repeating in every creative way I can imagine.

The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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