A Good Soak

Achey body? Stained shirt? Caked pan? All of these mundane problems are solved with a good soak. Soaking softens, loosens, and dissolves…just like forgiveness.

The path of forgiveness ultimately researches this question: What would happen if I soaked _____________ (insert problem) in unconditional love over a period of time?

What might unconditional love soften? What part of myself might relax? What inner struggle could dissolve?

Most people think forgiveness is about compassion towards adversaries – but this view misses the mark.

Forgiveness is a partnership between you and unconditional love. You show up for the soak but you let unconditional love do the soaking.

When a forgiveness process is complete you will likely feel much softer towards others, but the real prize is a peaceful heart. With a peaceful heart your best and truest self can take the lead.

The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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