Forgiveness & Desire

I entered the world of chronic resentment when a relationship I trusted ended in deceit. The aftermath left my chest area constricted as if gripped by a strong hand.

Though I definitely wished I wasn’t in that situation, I had no problem with the feeling in my body. Something terrible happened and the feeling of resentment seemed justified.

After almost three years of feeling the tightness in my chest, I suddenly had a different thought. Instead of thinking about how I was wronged, I thought “I’m tired of feeling this way. I don’t want to feel this gripping feeling anymore.”

In that moment the desire to restore my heart was set aflame. 

A few months later I intersected with forgiveness and a few weeks after that, the gripping feeling was gone.

In order to succeed at forgiveness, the desire to restore the heart must be in place. This is why I invite all prospective How to Forgive participants to rate from 1-10 how badly they want to feel different. If they answer 8, 9 or 10, then I recommend taking my course.

You don’t often hear people talk about one’s desire to forgive, but it’s the foundation of the entire forgiveness journey.

The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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