The Seven Laws of Emotional Power

All my life I have seen the world through the lens of emotions. I have always been interested in the emotional backstory, and how and why emotional currents run through our bodies. This lifelong perspective has me asking these questions today:

Why is the majority of society disconnected from their emotions?

Why are thoughts, intellect and logic the sacred cows of our culture?

Why is emotional invulnerability perceived as powerful?


The common answer is that some emotions are painful and as humans we naturally avoid pain. This theory seems straightforward except that emotions can and do create great harm when they are ignored. Avoiding them is not an effective path to pain-free living.

I do think a general dislike of inner pain fuels emotional disconnect, but I think that emotional illiteracy plays a bigger role.

Emotions have rules. When a person knows the rules, they can confidently work with their emotional world. When the rules are unknown, emotions will be confusing, overwhelming, burdensome…and avoided.

Considering how universal and powerful the emotional experience is, having emotional skills is extremely valuable. With this as my inspiration the next seven posts will be dedicated to The Seven Laws of Emotional Power:

  1. Permitting
  2. Objectifying
  3. Locating
  4. Emptying
  5. Defining
  6. Seeing
  7. Knowing

May these laws demystify the emotional experience and restore its rightful place in the world. May all beings own their emotional power. May we all have a consistent connection with our heart.

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