An object is something that can be perceived by the senses. The Second Law of Emotional Power is to objectify your emotions.

Emotions are part of you, but as is true of all parts of you, they are ultimately separate.

You are not your heart, you have a heart. 

You are not your feet, you have feet.

You are not your brain,  you have a brain.

You are not your emotions, you have emotions.

Most of humanity has no perception of their emotions as a separate entity and defaults to two exhausting patterns: expression or repression.

Expression is the act of moving emotions out of your body and done intentionally can be very healthy. Unfortunately, most people express their emotions unconsciously, and thus unskillfully, from a place of stress and overwhelm. Though it can feel productive in the moment, how most express their emotions bypasses emotional power and spreads negativity.

On the flip side, repression denies and ignores emotions, stuffing them down into the body. This path results in stuck emotions that profoundly influence our everyday lives.

Viewing your emotions as the object they truly are is the rewarding alternative to expression and repression. When you see that your emotions are a separate entity you can then examine them, assess them, and take care of them. This produces the conditions for inner health which produces the conditions for outer health. Objectifying emotions makes the wheels of emotional power turn.


The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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