Forgiveness & Desire

I entered the world of chronic resentment when a relationship I trusted ended in deceit. The aftermath left my chest area constricted as if gripped … Read more

A Good Soak

Achey body? Stained shirt? Caked pan? All of these mundane problems are solved with a good soak. Soaking softens, loosens, and dissolves…just like forgiveness. The … Read more

Worth Repeating

My thirties were spent in Seattle and were marked with significant highs and lows. One consistency throughout this time was a handful of friendships with … Read more

The Future Is Forgiveness

In these uncertain times it’s imperative to remember that a new paradigm is being born…and birth is inherently messy and scary. Punitive, competitive, and vindictive … Read more

Vitamin See

You’ve likely never heard of Vitamin See and while it is not an actual vitamin, it is essential to our well being. Vitamin See is … Read more

Write Your Body

A few years back I discovered a writing exercise that has helped me remedy intense emotions that would otherwise monopolize my being. In a sleep deprived … Read more

Honor your emotions

There are many myths about forgiveness and a big one is that forgiveness bypasses emotions. This means that in order to move past something you … Read more

The Three Keys of Forgiveness

At the core of forgiveness is a straightforward path that rests on three key elements.

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